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We want to ensure that all of the everyday items we buy as consumers - food, clothing, shoes, make-up, coffee, and more - are created by workers free from human rights abuses.

exploitation of workers rights

No matter where workers are located in the world, or what role they play in the product supply chain, their rights include having a safe & healthy workplace, free of discrimination and forced labour, with hours & pay that are fair, and where everyone is treated with dignity & respect.

If even one of these or many of the other rights afforded to workers are being exploited by the employer, then the products are not slave-free.

Think about the products that you purchased recently and whether those were made by workers still subject to human rights exploitation today? 

workers suffering exploitation of rights
children working as child labor
businesses admitting to human rights abuses
About us

Driving change through 'demand side' solutions

slavefreetrade® International is a volunteer-based, start-up Social Innovation NGO with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Accredited by the United Nations, more than 100 volunteers across the world focus on designing and implementing 'demand side' solutions to eliminate human rights issues in the workplace.

In simple terms, 'demand side' solutions means having consumers create a higher level of demand for products that are certified slave-free over those that are not. We help them do that by being creating awareness about how companies source, manufacture and sell their products.

Our 10 Principles

A framework that covers international human rights law

One of the biggest challenges companies face in monitoring and operationalising human rights in the workplace is that there is no standard definition of acceptable workplace conditions, using international human rights law. So we’ve made one.

Our 10 Principles for Decent Work is a framework that covers all points of international human rights law that relate to workplace conditions. Collectively this framework defines 'decent work’.

These principles are how we determine the standards to be met, the indicators of those standards being met, and ultimately the questions we ask of everyone everywhere, to review the on-ground work-conditions everywhere.

Click here to view a copy of our Ethical Pricing and Human Rights Framework

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