A world
Made in Freedom™

Every Person, Every Product, Every Continent

Why now?

Because slavery never went away

There are more people suffering in slavery today than during the entire 400 years of the transAtlantic slave trade.

people suffer in modern slavery
children in child labor
businesses admit to modern slavery
About us

A world where all the things we buy are Made in Freedom™

slavefreetrade® is a non-profit, membership association based in Switzerland.

We exist to help ethical organisations demonstrate their commitment to human rights compliance to their stakeholders. We are ensuring that any human rights issues in their operations are identified, addressed and remediated.

Eradicate modern day slavery
Improve human rights at workplace
Everything we buy is Made in Freedom™
Our 10 Principles

A framework that covers international human rights law

One of the biggest challenges organisations face in monitoring & operationalizing human rights in workplaces is that there is no standard definition of acceptable workplace conditions, using international human rights law. So we’ve made one.

Our 10 Principles pull together a framework that covers all points of international human rights law that relate to workplace conditions. Together, this framework defines 'decent work’.

These principles are how we determine the standards to be met, the indicators of those standards being met, and ultimately the questions we ask of everyone everywhere, to review the on-ground work-conditions everywhere.

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A consumer app to create campaigns and raising voice against modern day slavery.


The world’s first distributed and continuous human rights compliance platform.

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